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Apple MacBooks are the epitome of cutting-edge technology and streamlined design. The impressive features and technology which combine within MacBook laptops deliver an unparalleled user experience. Touch ID, smooth navigation and the Apple track bar simplify computing and amplify security. The lightweight, portable and adaptable design of Apple MacBooks is ideal for the office, home, uni, or out and about. Apple have even clarified the process of choosing a MacBook by offering a refined range of laptops suitable for a variety of budgets and requirements. The compact, lightweight and portable MacBook Air features 8GB of storage and a magnificent retina display which delivers mesmerising quality. Alternatively, the MacBook Pro delivers additional storage space and specialist software. A laptop which will harness your creativity, the MacBook Pro is ideal for graphic designers, gamers, filmmakers and more. Both the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air deliver up to 12 hours of battery life for unrivalled performance. Discover Apple MacBook laptops with Home Essentials and find the perfect Mac for you.


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